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What if my sewer line is backed up?

     Try to find the cleanout sewer line. Normally its about 5 feet around the perimeter of the house. Many times they are buried and can not be found.

Where is my main water valve?

     The main water valve should be in one of two places. It could be near the main water line & you should be able to turn it off by hand. Otherwise there could be a “meter box” outside, usually located near the street or property line. Typically the valve needs a special key to be turned off, so you may need the help of an Affordable Plus Plumbing technician.

My toilet/sink is running. What do I do? How do I turn it off?

     Simple. Turn the valve off, the valve should be located behind the toilet or under the sink; that should stop the water from running.

My water heater is in the attic. Should I be concerned?
     Good question. Check your heater once a week for any water in the emergency drain pan. It's a good idea to shut the cold water inlet when going on vacation. We have seen lots of damaged ceilings caused by leaking heaters. A great idea is to install a flood stop control valve. It automatically turns off the water supply to your heater when a leak is detected.

The pilot light on my water heater keeps going out.
     Water heater design has changed dramatically in the past 8 years. The new designs have a flame guard where air flows to the combustion chamber. If it gets plugged with dirt or lint it will starve for air. A good idea is to vacuum around the water heater to make sure you have a good supply of air around the bottom of the

water heater.

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